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XinZhiZao Online Account For Schematic、Boardview and Repair Cases (1-Year Active)

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XinZhiZao Online Account For Schematic、Boardview and Repair Cases (1-Year Active)

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for iPhone schematic, for Samsung schematic, for Huawei schematic, for Xiaomi schematic, for laptop schematic, repair cases for iPhone, samsung,etc
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If any parts in this order will be shipped from Czech, and you are located in any member countries of European Union, a valid VAT number is necessary, or you have to pay 25% tax fee. If you choose to ship all the parts from China, then no VAT and bank account requirements.
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Product Description


One: registration and login
Please contact us:service@hcqs.com.cn get the XinZhiZao Schematic download link, after registration, you will get a three-day VIP try this Schematic .
After download the Schematic, Double Click to install , next—next alone, in select “language”, please select “english”, else ,you cannot accsee
Information in English.
When installing , if the system has anti-virus software or security software prompt virus, please choose trust.
Because many drawings boardviews are encrypted, security risks are indicated.
After installed,Open the client, click to register
If the message : Success ful communication with sever, then Explain that the connection between software and
server is OK
NOTE: if in here ,is other tips , you will cannot login in,please restart your computer , turn off firewall,
security software,anti-virus ,to try. Or ,install this software , if still not .
please connect us:service@hcqs.com.cn
Second: Introduction to the interface
1. View vip expiration time, withdrawal, redemption code redemption, recharge, recharge record,
sub-account management, password modification, promotion
2, the catalog contains mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, motherboards, LCD monitors, LCD TVs, commonly
used chip data manuals, self-study maintenance tutorials
The front of the folder with "+" is the next level of the directory or file. There is no "+" in front of the folder. There
is no next level of directory.Ordinary folders are permanently free to use. Folders with VIP words require VIP.
The Boardview file format is pcb/fz/brd, etc. The file format such as circuit diagram is pdf.
3, support fuzzy search, such as: la (space) 6841, enter or click search, loop search (above right).
4, file directory & netlist (net)
File directory: files that can be queried and used currently
Netlist: The component number and component pin of the selected signal in the current Boardview (when
browsing Boardview, double-click the corresponding component number, the corresponding component will
be placed in the Boardview browser center position)
Third, start using
1、Open the file you want to view and double-click or Boardview. The right display box contains Boardview, PDF
file, up to 1 Boardview file and 4 PDF files can be opened at the same time.
2、pdf reader contains buttons in order: current display page, page rotation, page zoom, original file size,
appropriate page, file width, translation drag, text selection, find box, find the previous one, find the next one.
3、In the Boardview mode, the toolbar buttons are shown in the figure. Here are a few of the main features.
Mouse operation: Left-click right button can hold down and drag Boardview, scroll wheel zoom, click on the
component pin, the component pin of the same signal will be highlighted, and the component will also be highlighted
(can be turned on by the “highlight” button / Close this function), the left netlist is automatically displayed (when
browsing Boardview, double-click the corresponding component number in the netlist, the corresponding
component will be placed in the Boardview browser center position).Red is the signal or VCC, and when it is selected,
all components connected to this signal are highlighted.At the same time, the diode value, voltage, Chinese meaning
and other data of this signal will be displayed at the bottom.
The various colors of the Boardview can be modified using the Settings tool.The default is red and black
mode, which provides yellow and yellow green mode selection.
Find the same parameter component:
① Click "Substitution" to make it selected (green)
② As shown by the red arrow, when you click on a component that needs to be replaced, the
component that can be replaced will be marked as indicated by the yellow arrow
Mirroring: function Mainly in advanced maintenance, it is convenient to measure whether the bga chip
body is damaged.When the mirror is turned on, the bga chip is turned horizontally, and the corresponding
pin diode value can be measured in a one-to-one comparison to determine whether the chip body is
Diode value mode: After clicking the “diode value” button, the display can be switched to “diode value
If the “diode value” is not clicked, the default is the signal name mode. At this time, the component position
number and the pin signal name are displayed. After clicking “diode value”, it switches to the diode value mode. At
this time, only the ground diode value of the pin is displayed
Search function: Click the “Find” button to search for the position number and signal in the Boardview to support fuzzy search.
3, file interoperability (Boardview jump PDF, PDF jump Boardview)
Boardview Jump PDF: When Boardview and circuit diagram are both open, left click on the component
pin to be queried in Boardview, then press right button to find the component or signal in the schematic, the
program will automatically jump to PDF corresponding s position.(In some cases, you need to use the "find
next" in the PDF)
The same can be jumped in the PDF: use the text selection tool to select the corresponding component
position number or signal name, the option will pop up automatically, click the corresponding option, you
can automatically jump to the corresponding position in the Boardview.(In maintenance ideas and cases, red
is the signal, blue is the component)
4, double open function:
click the top "double open" button to open.(It can be turned on when you need to open the circuit diagram
and Boardview at the same time)
Click on the "Directory" button to close and open the Catalog & Netlist for increasing the display range.
Collection function: Right click on the file that needs to be opened frequently, add to the collection, and then
open it in the lowermost folder of the directory (Note: you need to re-collect after reinstalling the system)
The laptop non-PCB format Boardview needs to be called by a third-party software to open.If you open the
third-party software and report an error immediately, first confirm whether the computer installs .netframework. If
the software can be opened but the Boardview opens an error, you can click the option - graphic to select GDI and
pull it to the far right
Finally, frequently asked questions
1. During the running of the software, the server will be accessed in the background, which will consume some
network traffic and host resources. If the network is disconnected, it will not run. If it is not approved, please
exit the software and delete it immediately!
2. The software is safe for your computer, it will cache files during operation, speed up access, and modify files
when upgrading. This may cause false positives of anti-virus software & security software. This situation is
safe. Can be used with confidence.
3. If you can't log in, please check if the network is faulty and the software is the latest version (Download the
latest version), it is also possible that the server is being upgraded for maintenance.
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