ZQ-5 New Curved Screen Integrated Laminating and Defoaming Machine

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ZQ-5 New Curved Screen Integrated Laminating and Defoaming Machine

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Product Description



1.Power: 850W
2. Temperature: 40-60 degrees Celsius
3. Voltage: 220V / 50Hz
4. Applicable to under 7 inches
5.Size: 380*380*430mm;  38KG


1.Super-strong radiator: industrial-grade cooling, dual fans are more powerful
2.Magnetic closed door: It adopts magnetic lock, which can be locked just by closing it gently.
3. Professional laminating OCA panel mold: equipped with a dedicated laminating mold, which eliminates the need for 60 seconds to cover the lamination, and completes the lamination and bubble filling.
4. Multifunctional temperature control meter: built-in touch screen intelligent intervention system, freely adjust temperature
5.Aluminum alloy panel: elegant appearance, longer service life
6. Double pressure regulating valve: higher fit safety performance
7. UV curing lamp: Use UV lamp after bonding the screen, and irradiate for three minutes, which can effectively prevent back bubble and make the bonding effect better.
8. With heating plate: freely adjustable temperature, pre-heating OCA dry glue, etc.

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